When was the last time your students followed you to the printer to get a copy of their exam feedback to take home? It has only ever happened to me the once? Y8 Maths – with exam feedback shared via Peter Atherton’s “Exam Feedback Tool” or #EFT.

The session covers an 18 months exploration with the #EFT. A powerful tool that combines what we know about feedback and meta-cognition, to help learners identify their own strengths and prioritise areas for improvement. The point here is this: the #EFT personalised exam feedback – it is high impact for very low cost or effort on your part. It is tried, tested and effective.

Simply input the exam question scores and #EFT intelligently prioritises the students learning aims! As well as the session, you get a copy of the #EFT to take away with you and use with your students…  I look forward to hearing your ideas and how you might be able to take this tool forward.