Student leadership is an often missed aspect of the national curriculum, yet it is one of the most powerful tools to harness. This talk will cover what student leadership can do, and how to promote it.

Through encouraging passion, from within the school curriculum or outside of it, however big or small, it gives students something to fight for and to get involved with. Student leadership allows schools to find student led solutions to problems, a key aspect of putting a stop to issues that potentially go under the radar, or are bigger national issues such as gender equality, homophobia or racism.

On top of this, once the students leave school, the world of work is getting more and more competitive. Having a passion or displaying student leadership is a way for the student to distinguish themselves, something that is becoming more and more important as good grades become the expected minimum.

Megan Lord
Megan Lord
A Level Student
Megan is an A Level student at Hampshire Collegiate School. She is studying History, Mathematics and Economics. ...